Important Safety Equipment To Have When Riding A Hoverboard

Hoverboards currently offered in the market do not really hover at all. The hoverboards which recently became popular are two-wheeled platforms wherein the rider has to do the balancing. The orientation on which a rider stands on it is somewhat similar to a skateboard. The main difference is that you do not have to manually scoot in the former. Hoverboards are electrically-powered. They have a stabilizing gyro to help the rider balance while he or she leans forward or backward depending on where the rider leans.

Although most of the hoverboards have certifications which can guarantee a level of safety, the risk of riding it is not totally removed. Accidents are inevitable regardless of your skills. Thus, if you plan on buying a hoverboard whether for leisure or a mode of transportation for short distances, you should factor in investment for safety equipment, too.

Head protection

To reduce injury from hoverboard accidents to little or no injury at all, consider the safety gears which will be discussed in this article. First, the basic safety gear for hoverboards, bike, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, etc., is the helmet. Whilst riding a hoverboard wherein the rider leans, the same is prone to head injuries. There is no sugarcoating to this, head injuries may be fatal. In order to protect riders from serious head injuries, wear a helmet. It may reduce the risk of concussion and skull breakage in case the rider falls off.

Protective padding

Second, there are the hoverboard protective pads. This is also a recommendation for most sports where you can easily fall off or tumble down. To prevent injuries such as fractures and dislocations especially in joints like knees and elbows, these are recommended. The pads produced for skaters and rollerbladers may be used in riding a hoverboard. To name a few types of protective pads, there are knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. These come in pairs and are sold as a set. However, there are some stores which sell these individually by pairs. Although injuries may not be as severe as those impactful to the head, scrapes and cuts are still unpleasant and must be avoided.


Last, there are the safety lights for hoverboard riders. Riding the board in broad daylight and well-lit areas is already risky, how much more can riding it at night or poorly-lighted areas? Although many hoverboards nowadays have built-in LED lights, they may not suffice especially because they are not at eye-level. To offset this danger, it is recommended to purchase wearable safety lights or reflective protective gear to make the rider visible to others. A popular example of this is the LED light belt. Similar to the hoverboard itself, this is rechargeable.

Riding a hoverboard may seem easy when you are a spectator, but it is completely a different experience when you are the rider. Regardless if you are a professional biker, skater, rollerblader, or hoverboard rider, the use of safety equipment should not be set aside. To summarize, it basically includes the helmet, protective pads especially around the joints like knees and elbows, and safety lights.